What is Supercala?

In the iconic film of the same name, Mary Poppins sings

For every job that must be done there is an element of fun, find the fun and snap! the job’s a game…

Like Mary Poppins, I firmly believe that children learn better when in fun, creative environments.


In a Supercala class I combine elements of music, yoga and dance; storytelling and adventures along with mindfulness and massage games to create a safe yet fun environment for children to express themselves whilst also learning and developing.

For children, movement and sensation are critical for their health and wellbeing as well as learning and development. They are born natural yogis and dancers and many enjoy exploring movement. However as time goes on some children can lose confidence and motivation.

This is where a Supercala class can help as we discover their preferred way of learning whether visual, auditory or kinaesthetic. We explore yoga postures with dance, stories, music and games and then add the calming elements of massage and mindfulness that help the children learn strategies to manage their emotions in a number of different creative ways.

Who am I?

In my previous life living in the fast-paced London corporate I used my love of dancing, yoga and music to let off steam whenever I could. A diagnosis of breast cancer on my 40th birthday changed my life dramatically, but my love for movement never died. It was during my recovery that I followed a life long dream to study Dance Movement Pyschotherapy as well as yoga teacher training to strengthen my previous children’s yoga, dance and meditation experience.

Five years on and now living in Ibiza I wholeheartedly believe that all my training has had a big part to play in my recovery and working with my own inner child has made me realise how important it is to a provide safe, fun environment where children can learn, express themselves and find joy in movement.

It was this that led me to create the Supercala concept combining yoga, dance, mindfulness, massage and other fun things to lighten up everyone’s inner child.